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“We, Investec Wealth & Investment, refer to the offer of sterling denominated 6.5 per cent. Bonds (the “Bonds”) described in the Prospectus dated 25 September 2014 (the “Prospectus”) published by Eros International Plc (the “Issuer”). In consideration of the Issuer offering to grant its consent to our use of the Prospectus in connection with offer of the Bonds in the United Kingdom during the Offer Period in accordance with the Authorised Offeror Terms (as specified in the Prospectus), we hereby accept the offer by the Issuer. We confirm that we are authorised under MiFID to make, and are using the Prospectus in connection with, the Public Offer accordingly. Terms used herein and otherwise not defined shall have the same meaning as given to such term in the Prospectus.”